Our Philosophy at Passages Malibu

Addiction is so much more complicated than what most 12-step programs would have you believe, and yet many people who have struggled with addiction – including CEO and cofounder Pax Prentiss – have found themselves constantly put down by the staff at other treatment centers. They are forced to reaffirm the notion that they are helpless and cannot fight back against addiction by themselves, which simply is not true.

Passages Malibu is different because . . .

  • We do not believe that addiction is a disease.
  • We think that you are more powerful than the addiction.
  • We will never label you as an “addict”.
  • We get to the underlying causes of your addiction.

During your stay, a full team of specialists (from massage therapists to spiritual counselors) will help you uncover the source of your addiction so that it can be removed. Once this has been accomplished, your compassionate aftercare specialist will continue to listen to your goals and give you additional sober support in the form of education, planning and medical referrals as needed. You will work with your aftercare specialist to secure a counseling and therapy team in your hometown.

Above all else, our philosophy encourages you to be patient with yourself, and gives you the skills needed to logically balance your emotions with your actual needs. Counselors, psychologists, therapists, doctors, and other addiction specialists will show you other ways to reward yourself besides instant gratification. Best of all, you’ll be able to frequently share your progress with those you love the most through weekly visits and regular conversations.

At no point will you feel like you’ve lost your freedom or control – if anything, it will feel like the exact opposite. Please call our Admissions Department today to regain yourself.

Addiction & Its Four Causes

At Passages Malibu, you’ll learn that your addiction is caused by any combination of the following: