What is Passages Malibu?

In 2001, Chris and his son Pax Prentiss cofounded Passages Malibu to celebrate Pax’s first year of sobriety from an addiction to heroin, alcohol, and cocaine that lasted ten long years. The two men are pioneers in the drug and alcohol treatment industry after introducing a revolutionary treatment program with a radical new approach, one that empowers the individual and helps them tap into the limitless potential of their mind, body, spirit and emotions. The Passages lineage has helped no less than 10,000 people achieve sobriety to date, and none of this would have been possible without its premiere center, Passages Malibu.

Ever since conquering his multiple addictions, Pax has fully dedicated himself to making Passages Malibu the best luxury rehab center in existence. To accomplish this goal, he makes sure the center uses only the holistic therapeutic modalities that are as close as possible to the ones that saved him from a drug-centered life filled with loneliness and regret. When you go to Passages Malibu, you will receive a customized drug treatment program that’s based on the same guiding principles that helped Pax.

This philosophy encourages you to identify the cause for your substance abuse. We will never, ever tell you that your addiction is a disease. Unlike 12-step programs and other conventional treatments, Passages Malibu operates on the assumption that your addiction is only a small facet of your overall character. In other words, we recognize that you are much larger than your addiction. It’s the same strategy that finally allowed Pax to relax and not feel intense shame from his every move.

Chris and Pax obtained this philosophy after many failed attempts to get Pax sober using modern treatments. Though he tried countless times, Pax would always relapse after a short while, and it always seemed to be to escape his feelings of shame and helplessness. The drug centers would make Pax feel bad about himself by calling him an “addict” and insisting that he was sick who needed to “get clean” (as if he were dirty). This environment was not conducive for true healing, as Pax did not feel relaxed or confident enough think about the things that he needed to focus on the most.

Only after empowering himself through intensive holistic therapy was Pax able to effectively thwart his multiple addictions. Pax learned that he was holding onto a great deal of internalized pain, but once he was able to reflect on himself, he found himself able to resolve the underlying conditions behind his addiction. This was a crucial step that allowed him to face his problems instead of burying himself in drugs and alcohol.

If your addiction has left you feeling alone and ashamed, then please know that you aren’t the only person who has ever felt this way. Plenty of people, including Pax, have been in the exact same situation as you are, and many of them have gone to Passages Malibu to get better. We will treat you with all of the respect and humanity that you deserve – it’s the only thing that worked for Pax, and it can work for you, too.